Stagecraft \ Beercraft

And it happened. We at The Kingfisher Theater had our first official public event a few weeks ago.

The purpose of this event was to say ‘hello’ to Rochester in general–and more specifically the great South Wedge neighborhood–and to get ideas and excitement going for our inaugural season. It seems to have worked!

The team behind The Kingfisher Theater, as well as a good crowd of locals: friends, family, business people, and artists came out to Tap and Mallet on Thursday, June 4th to talk all things stagecraft and beercraft. Tap and Mallet

One of the best things about a theater is the camaraderie, the community, that comes out of people working closely together. (I remember thinking after my first semester at ACT that I saw my fellow actors’ souls before I got to know almost anything else about them.)

And I’ve heard it said before that ‘actors are the opposite of people.’ They bear it all on stage to guide you through catharsis, laughter, entertainment, and storytelling. It’s as though you get to know an actor when you see a performance on stage. But acting is not really normal human behavior. Most people don’t, or can’t do what actors do. And they do it in public, sure, but only kinda sorta. There’s still a separation.

The stage and the audience are separated by a thin veneer of mutual agreement. For the most part, actors stay on the stage and the audience stays in their seats (Shows like Sleep No More notwithstanding…). This is generally a good thing, but once in a while it’s good to open up a little more and get a better sense of the community a theater serves.

Enter: a pub! A pub, or public house as they used to be called, is an open space for all people, actors and non-actors alike, to mingle and talk and get to know one another. The pub serves a parallel and supporting function to a theater: it’s a place where people can get together, enjoy good food and drink, and talk about how great–or terrible (never!)–the show was that they just witnessed. They can talk shop and vent spleen (no one does that, right?), wheel and deal, or simply just chit chat.

Pubs help to facilitate the creation of a scene, a family, a community, and in our case, we hope, to create a warmth and sense of style to envelop our seedling of a theater. We’re very thankful for Tap and Mallet providing a space to create fertile ground for the culture of our organization to take root.

In other words, we had a good time*.

Thanks for being there.





*mmmm, beer