Kingfisher: Year Two Begins

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to announce and dive into our second season. I could write about how looking back we’ve come a long way, and our humble beginning and all that, but really, if you want that, just read the first blog post.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the people that have come together around the shared mission of investigating the great works for the stage and thrusting them into the modern era.

If it weren’t for the people who have helped me launch this thing over a year ago, there would be no thing, and I’d still be a pacing around my parents’ garage, smoking too many cigarettes (I quit!).

I freaking love theater. I’ve always loved theater. I love theater because it’s a collision of worldviews and a collision of tastes and an intersection of souls. As a lifelong actor with probably a bit more self-awareness than is healthy, I’ve always fed off collaborating with other people.

It’s the other people around me that feed my own work, that keep me going, and that also constantly keep me in check. Sartre was only half right. Hell is other people. But my grandmother was also right when she said, “I’d rather go to Hell, that’s where they have all the fun.”

Whether one person has a more extensive knowledge of theater history, or the other is younger and more hip than I, or another has kept more of their natural empathy (something happens to middle aged men in that regard!), or still another knows more about digital media, or design, or speech, or Alexander Technique, or writing, or even is just a more natural actor : these are the people that make up our theater and these are the people that I’m proud to work with.

And I am blessed to have found these people here in The Kingfisher Theater. We truly are creating space or ‘artists to nest in stormy seas.’ We’ve come a long way, and while yes, there’s still an infinite space to travel, I am beyond grateful that we’re all in it together, huddled, while the storm swirls around us.

Our next season announcement is coming soon, and there have been all sorts of important adjustments to our process. We’ve updated mundane things and added a little spice here and there.

Last year we did three ambitious shows: Oedipus Rex, The Devil, the Witch, and the Blacksmith, and Sir Patient Fancy. It was exhilarating, at times harrowing, and there were definitely a few ‘dramatic’ moments, but man if it wasn’t a blast.

Most importantly: we’ve come out on the other end, mostly intact, invigorated, and with a hunger to dive right back in. This time we aim to do everything just a little bit better.

Anyway, I felt a need to write something tonight about how excited I am that we’ve got to Year Two. I’m thrilled about it, and I’d like to thank my fellow theatre artists here in Rochester for making it happen.