Hello from the Artistic Director.

Kev4A theater is a living organism. Theater is not dead. Theatre will never die. Theater has been kicking around for thousands of years. Theatre is older than The Bible*. Theater is much, much, older than Twitter. This is true whether you spell it –er or –re.

We live in The Information Age. Some say The Singularity has already occurred. I believe this puts live performance at a premium.

The old stuff has value, weight and resonance. It has style. It has tried-and-true structure.The old stuff need not be museum pieces. It can still have impact.

New stuff can learn from its elders.

Theater is the new rock and roll (again).

“Who the hell are you?”

I began my career in Rochester. My very first show was at The Shipping Dock Theater.

I went on to do theater in San Francisco and New York, where I did Moliere and Shepard, long form improv, and stand-up comedy. I played in bands and produced my own work.

But back to theater: The reason theater has lasted so long is that it’s true community.

It’s a place for people to gather to exchange passions and ideas.

It’s a place to carouse with friends and network with partners.

It’s a place to patch up with old rivals and share a drink and a story.

Above all, it’s a place to be stimulated, thrilled, and thoroughly entertained.

Rochester has a new theater. The Kingfisher Theater.

See you there.







*well… arguably. Kind of depends on where you’re standing. Quibbles, quibbles.