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October 19-29 2017

The classic myth of literature’s original deal with the devil is reborn when the plots from Goethe’s Faust and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus are combined into one sordid tale of power, corruption, love, sex, and destruction. A vibrant fusion featuring contemporary music and movement-heavy staging.

January 2018

Kingfisher’s annual Christmastime tradition returns! Join the escapades of Vakula, Oksana, The Devil, Solokha, Tchub and more as they each try to save Christmas according to their own needs–be they love, money, or mischief. The heartwarming story is full of laughs and the occasional lesson learned.

April 2018

Described by critics as “dark, but not without hope,” this science fiction play from 1920 is the work of literature that originated the term robot. Short for “Rossum’s Universal Robots,” RUR is a story of artificial intelligence, artificial life, and the lengths that these beings may be willing to take if their personhood is not honored by the humans that benefit from their existence.

June 2018

Arguably Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy, Much Ado is a story of pride and love in a sea of colossal misunderstandings. Audiences throughout history have been enraptured by Beatrice and Benedick’s spiteful banter and how they ultimately come to work together to clear the sullied name of Beatrice’s young sister, Hero. Sexy, sweet, and full of mistaken identities, we’re delighted that our first Shakespearean endeavor as a company will be this crowd-pleaser.

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