2017 -2018 Season

Our Season!

October 19-29 2017

The classic myth of a ‘a deal with the devil’ is reborn when the texts from Goethe and Marlowe are weaved together into a dark and passionate tale of human weakness, sin, love, and redemption.



January 2018

Kingfisher’s annual Christmastime tradition returns! Join the escapades of Soloka, Vakula, Oksana, Tchub and countless villagers as they try to save Christmas from the Devil himself! This hilarious and heartwarming (un)Orthodox Christmas tale is based on the short story by Nikolai Gogol, “Christmas Eve”.



April 2018

Described by critics as “dark, but not without hope,” this science fiction play from 1920 is the work of literature that originated the term robot. Short for “Rossum’s Universal Robots,” RUR is a cautionary tale about the dangers of progress, and ultimately, the triumph of the human heart.


June 2018

Arguably Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy, Much Ado is a story of pride and love in a sea of colossal misunderstandings, we’re delighted to embark on our first Shakespearean voyage!