The Kingfisher Conservatory offers courses and internships to anyone who wants practical knowledge of the art of theater making. From acting, to directing, stage management to set design, we’re looking to expand our course offerings as we continue to develop Our Mission.

Course List Summer 2017

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Associate Artists who have worked with The Kingfisher Theater before will receive a 15% discount off of all classes. Payment for classes is expected before the first class begins except where noted below. If a withdrawal notice is received before the first class the payment will be refunded in full.

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Physical Theatre & Play (Two payments of $75)

The instrument of the actor is the body, inclusive of breath, voice and movement. When our instrument is tuned we have the tools to play a wide range of theatrical styles and characters. In order to fully embody a character, it is important to be aware of our own habitual patterns of movement and speech. It is essential to train our physical bodies in order to expand our range of movement and express  gestures that may be different than our own. In this workshop we will focus on physical training that includes strength, flexibility, endurance, rhythm and dynamics of space. We will explore applying this physical training to playing characters, scenes and improvisations. The workshop will be a safe environment to play, expand one’s vocabulary and take risks.

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Accommodations and adjustments will be made for people who have specific physical needs.

Instructor: Leslie Felbain
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Scene Study: The Works of Anton Chekhov ($75)

This course will focus on utilizing various acting techniques to foster the development of an actor’s voice and to present selections from the works of master playwright Anton Chekhov.

Instructor: Kevin Dedes
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Speech for the Theatre ($75)

This course is intended to enable actors/performers to improve their voice and articulation. Students will learn the processes used in creating voice: respiration, phonation, resonation, and articulation, and will be able to apply these processes to the increased usage and control of pitch, loudness, quality, enunciation and rate of the voice. Course methods include the use of relaxation and breathing exercises, in-class performances, and vocal exercises. The class will also be introduced to the International Phonetic Alphabet in order to more readily work toward a Standard American dialect.

Instructor: Amy Canfield
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The Musical Audition/ Approaches to song preparation and presentation ($75)

In this course we’ll examine the anatomy of a song using techniques originally developed by David Craig and Oscar Kosarin to explore the lyric as story to find its underlying subtext as relates to the performer (irrespective of the show).  Although not specifically geared to developing one’s physical “instrument” or voice, participants will have vocal coaching while learning and honing specific techniques and approaches to professional auditions and performance and working with an accompanist.  We’ll discuss the development and flow/format of librettos written in the great tradition of American Musical Theatre (i.e., the Broadway Show) exploring types of songs while learning why they are placed where they are in the context of the story.  If there is interest, we can take a look at Cabaret performance and explore how our approach to lyric story-telling is crucial in the development process of this unique art form which owes its content to Musical Theatre Composers and Lyricists.  

Instructor: Craig Raisner
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We’re still early in the development process, but keep an eye on this page to see what courses are coming up soon. You can always email us or call (585) 454 – 9371.

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