The Kingfisher Theater is Looking for Actors Who:

  • want to explore classic works of theater and then f em up
  • can see Aristophanes and The Pixies hanging out
  • are writers, directors, musicians, and whatever else humans do
  • are producers and entrepreneurs cuz we all need to eat

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Current Auditions


The Kingfisher Theater presents


by Karel Čapek

directed by Rachel Dart (

Described by critics as “dark, but not without hope,” this science fiction play from 1920 is the work of literature that originated the term robot. Short for “Rossum’s Universal Robots,” RUR is a story of artificial intelligence, artificial life, and the lengths that these beings may be willing to take if their personhood is not honored by the humans that benefit from their existence.

This production is being developed, in part, through a collaboration with The Rochester Institute of Technology.

April 10 – 30, 2018

Begins March 2018.
Specific schedule to be discussed at casting.

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