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Season 2017 – 2018

October 12-28

The classic “deal with the devil” story is reborn in company member Jessica Crosby’s mash-up of the venerated works by Goethe and Marlowe. Two tragic stories are woven into one Faustian tale of power, love, and destruction. Witness the vibrant fusion of two timeless masterpieces, featuring contemporary music and exhilarating movement-based performances.

December – January

KFT’s annual wintertime tradition returns! Join the escapades of Vakula, Oksana, The Devil, and more as they try to save Christmas in the only way they know how. Love, money, and mischief abound in this goofy and heartwarming adaptation of Gogol’s short story by company members Amy Canfield and Kevin Dedes. Critics called last year’s crowd-pleasing run an ‘absurd’ and ‘kitschy’ holiday farce. Come for the horilka, stay for the laughs. And in a Kingfisher first, we’ll be performing at Rochester’s own MuCCC.


Hailed by critics as a masterpiece, this thought-provoking, and a highly original thriller was written by Czech writer Karel Čapek in the year 1920. Not only did Čapek create this now-classic sci-fi melodrama, in his play he coined the very term ‘robots’ which has now become an everyday part of modern life. Short for “Rossum’s Universal Robots,” RUR is a story about what makes us human, and to what lengths we’ll go to protect our ourselves, our identities, and our loves.


Possibly Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy, Much Ado About Nothing is a story of pride and love in a sea of colossal misunderstandings. For centuries, audiences have been enraptured by Beatrice and Benedick’s spiteful banter and how they ultimately come to work together to clear the sullied name of Beatrice’s young cousin, Hero. Sexy, sweet, and full of mistaken identities, we’re delighted to wrap up our third season with our first dive into one of The Bard’s much-loved masterworks.