What’s Happening

The Kingfisher Acting Company is currently in a kind of restructuring mode, so there are no full productions beings scheduled at this time… however… 

Here are a few projects we are working on fairly soonish:

  1. A full, December 2018 production of The Devil, the Witch, and the Blacksmith by Amy Canfield and Kevin Dedes. Maybe in Rochester, maybe NYC? Somewhere else? We are looking for commercial theater investors for this production. For information about this show and past productions, check out our press page.
  2. An October staged reading in New York City of Actor-Manager Kevin Dedes‘ two original works, both part of ‘The Joany Trilogy‘. Two~Step and Allen Wrench. Stay tuned for more info on that.
  3. A Fall staged reading of an adaptation of Gogol‘s The Nose… more on this soon!
  4. Ongoing development of Mr. Dedes’ The Assh*le, a satire inspired by Moliere‘s The Misanthrope.
  5. Other stuff! Are you local to Rochester and have an idea you want to work out?

The Kingfisher Acting Company is always looking for actors and writers who understand that theatre is the actors medium, and who want to explore and create new works for the stage (sometimes based on classics!)

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